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Certification Manual
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The Eurovent Certified Performance (ECP) programme scope for Fans (FANS), applies to all fan types that are intended to be used as Air Handling Unit (AHU) components, and covered by the scope of “AMCA 211 – Certified Ratings Program Product Rating Manual for Fan Air Performance”.

Eurovent Certita Certification has a collaborative arrangement with the USA based Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International Inc. The Fans certification programme utilises AMCA evaluation protocols, alongside Eurovent Certita Certification audits. Therefore, products must first be certified by the AMCA to apply for the Eurovent Certified Performance mark. 

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Fans for use in AHUs are designed to distribute air across the AHU components and the building. ISO 13349:2010 describes fans as a rotary-bladed machine that receives mechanical energy and utilises it by means of one or more impellers, fitted with blades, to maintain a continuous flow of air or other gas passing through it. 

The majority of fans used in AHUs are centrifugal fans. 

  • In centrifugal fans the air enters the impeller(s) with an essentially axial direction, and leaves it in a direction perpendicular to that axis. The impeller may have one or two inlets, and may or may not have a housing
  • Blade types include backward-curved, backward-inclined, aerofoil, forward curved and radial-bladed, including radial-tipped and radial shrouded configurations
  • For centrifugal fans the fan flow angle, i.e. the angle between incoming and outgoing gas flow directions, is higher than or equal to 70°
  • When fitted with a housing the fan is called a “housed centrifugal fan”. The housing is generally a scroll type casing (shroud) that includes supports for either Belt or Direct Drive
  • When the centrifugal fan is unhoused it is called “plenum fan”
  • Plug fans are a centrifugal fan that have an unhoused impeller arranged such that the system into which it is inserted acts as a housing, allowing air to be drawn into the impeller inlet. 

Axial fans are another fan type, though their use in AHUs and inclusion in the Programme is far less common.

  • Axial fans propel gas in the direction axial to the rotational axis of one or more impeller(s), with a swirling tangential motion created by the rotating impeller(s)
  • Blade types include vane axial and tube axial
  • The axial fan may or may not be equipped with a cylindrical housing, inlet or outlet guide vanes or an orifice panel or orifice ring
  • For axial fans the fan flow angle, i.e. the angle between incoming and outgoing gas flow directions, is lower than or equal to 20°.


The selection tool or catalogue of the certified fans provides the characteristics of the fans, such as: 

  • Air performance 
  • Sound performance 
  • Energy efficiency performance: 
    • FEI (Fan Energy Index) 
    • FEG (Fan Efficiency Grade) 

These characteristics can be certified, but not all of them need to be certified at the same time.  

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