Certification process

Integrity - Independence - Impartiality

Third-party certification imposes

demanding test protocols

Heating Cooling

 Our evaluation protocols

We use state of the art evaluation protocols including independent tests, manufacturing audits, control of selection software, product sampling, product purchase, data consistency algorithms crossed by product family and product disassembly after testing. 

 Lower performance

If during the tests the performance of a product turns out to be lower than those announced in the catalog and lower than the tolerances set by the program, the participant must re-catalog not only the product but the entire range. A new performance test procedure will then be launched.

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Failure rate and referral

If the failure rate during the tests is greater than the defined threshold, and this repeatedly for several years, the participant will then be suspended and his products will no longer be referenced on our site. 


The list of certified products is reviewed regularly. Up-to-date data is available in real time and one line at www.eurovent-certification.com.  

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