Third party certification

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Certification manual
Certification Manual
Technical Certification Rules

Scope of the programme

This certification programme applies to Forced Circulation Air Cooling and Heating Coils operating:
- with water, +0-50% ethylene glycol or propylene glycol mix, acting as cooling or heating fluid
- without fans.

This programme does not cover the heat recovery applications.


Forced circulation air cooling and air heating coils 
Tubular heat exchanger, with or without extended surfaces, for use in airflow circulated by fan 

Coils designed for one or more applications and having the following identical features:
- Designation
- tube outside diameter
- tube arrangement :

  • pitch height : tube spacing (i.e perpendicular to the air flow)
  • pitch depth : row spacing (i.e in direction of the air flow)
  • tube alignment (in line or staggered)

- arrangement of coil in relationship to the direction of the airflow
- minimum and maximum number of rows
- minimum and maximum number of tubes per row
- minimum and maximum finned length

Certified Characteristics

The following performance characteristics, as defined in EN 1216:1998+A1:2002, declared by the applicant/participant shall be verified by tests :
- Total cooling or heating capacity [W]
- Air side pressure drop at standard air density [Pa]
- Fluid (water or brine) side pressure drop [kPa]

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