Refrigerated display cabinet

A refrigerated display cabinet is a cabinet cooled by a refrigerating system which enables to display therein chilled and frozen foodstuffs which must be maintained within prescribed temperature limits.

The cabinets can be of different shapes (horizontal, vertical or combined) and for different applications (positive cold or frozen).

The systems covered by the certification are refrigerated cabinets with remote unit:

  • Semi-vertical and vertical cabinets with doors
  • Cabinets with several decks / Open semi-vertical cabinets
  • Islands
  • Service counters
  • Combined freezers

Working principle

Refrigerated display cabinets with a remote unit are intended for large retailers.

A refrigerated cabinet is said have a remote unit when the cold production unit is separated from the cabinet. The exchange between the two parts of the refrigeration system is made via a liquid refrigerant.

On the contrary, refrigerated cabinets with a built-in unit incorporates a refrigeration unit at the bottom of the unit and are rather intended for small businesses (groceries, butcher shops, etc.).

Refrigerated cabinets can have doors to reduce heat losses. In the case of open refrigerated cabinets, an air curtain system makes it possible to reduce the temperature difference between the refrigerated volume of the refrigerated cabinet and the ambient temperature in the store. Air curtains therefore have a key role in optimising refrigerated cabinets in terms of thermal and energy efficiency.


  • Display of foodstuffs or beverages to consumers with a wide variety of shapes and lighting systems
  • Preservation of all types of foodstuffs or beverages (positive or negative temperatures)
  • Possibility of using refrigerants with low environmental impact (CO2)
  • Integration into the overall system of the supermarkets (With cold rooms and air conditioning)
  • Product can be adapted in terms of size to the constraints of a supermarket (length in particular) and can be combined in a cascade
  • Wide variety of aesthetic or functional options to adapt to customer needs

Compare to make the right choice

It is very easy to make the right choice: just compare the products. But when product performance is not certified, this becomes impossible.

Certification makes it possible to compare objectively.

  • The product performance is evaluated according to the same criteria, and the results are expressed in the same unit of measurement, regardless of the country where the products are manufactured or marketed.
  • A certified product has its performance verified by an impartial, independent and competent accredited body.
  • Certified products comply with standards.
  • A product whose performance is certified will work according to the specifications stated by the manufacturer.

The certified characteristics

  • Cross-sectional dimensions of the cabinet
  • Total display area for refrigerated products
  • Thermal performance (temperature class) in day and night cycle
  • Energy consumption in day and night cycle

Energy labelling

The calculation is based on the Ratio of TEC to TDA.

TEC: Total Energy Consumption

TDA: Total Display Area (in m2)

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