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Air filters
Certification manual
Certification Manual
Technical Certification Rules

Scope of the programme

This Certification Program applies to Air Filter elements rated and sold as ISO ePM1, ISO ePM2.5 and ISO ePM10 according to EN ISO 16890-1:2016, referring to a front frame size of 592x592mm according to standard EN 15805:2010 and with a nominal airflow between 0.24 and 1.5 m³/s. When a company joins the program, all relevant ISO ePM1, ISO ePM2.5 and ISO ePM10 air filter elements shall be certified” (ISO Coarse is out of the scope)

Note: As manufacturers may produce a large number of filters with different length/depth there is a tolerance for the declaration of filters belonging to the same filter family as already certified filters with the same nominal airflow and with different length/depth of the overall filter element within a tolerance of +/- 10% or 50 mm (whatever is the smaller). Outside of this tolerance the filters shall be declared.


Air Filter Element: A filter unit to clean air from particulate contamination comprising filter material including framing, supporting parts and gaskets, the total to be inserted into a filter housing device.

Performance Data: Single values out of the filter test report as carried out in accordance with EN ISO16890:2016.

Filter family: A filter family is characterised by the following:

  • The same filter material
  • The same basic construction (e.g. bag, V-type, etc.)
    • the same face velocity: rated air-flow / min. net filter area; (does not have to be published). The airflow rate shall be adapted to the face area with an acceptance criteria of +/- 10%.
    • The same length/depth of the overall filter element with an acceptance criteria of +/- 10% or 50 mm whatever is the smaller
    • For Bag and V-Type filters, the same ratio of filter medium area to front face area with an acceptance criteria of +/- 10%.
    • Same initial pressure drop with an acceptance criteria of +/- 10%.
  • The same ePMx group
  • The same ISO efficiency rating
  • Published data available about: basic construction, filter media, filter class available via internet or other published sales brochures.

Representative Filter Element: Any type chosen by Eurovent Certita Certification out of a “filter” fitting into the EN ISO16890:2016 – test rig.

Particulate matter efficiency ePMx: efficiency of an air cleaning device to reduce the mass concentration of particles with an optical diameter between 0,3 μm and x μm.

ePMx group designation: designation of a group of filters fulfilling certain requirements in the filter classification (ISO ePM1, ISO ePM2.5, ISO ePM10 and ISO Coarse)

Filter depth: overall depth of the filter including the frame (complete filter). The Filter Depth defined here (and declared in the declaration file) is not the one used to calculate the filtering area.

Initial Pressure Drop: Pressure drop of the clean filter operating at the test air flow rate.

Minimum Efficiency: fractional efficiency after applying the conditioning method defined in EN ISO 16890-4:2016

Eurovent Energy Efficiency Class: Energy Efficiency class as defined in TCR ECP-11 – Appendix A.

Annual Energy Consumption: Estimated Electricity Consumption per year due to an air filter as defined in Eurovent Document 4/21 - 2019 (Eq. (1a), kWh/annum).

ISO efficiency rating: Filter class according to EN ISO 16890:2016 (e.g. ISO ePM1 65%)

Certified characteristics :

  • Initial pressure drop Δp0 in Pa, measured according to EN ISO 16890:2016
  • ePM1, ePM1,min, ePM2.5, ePM2.5,min and ePM10 efficiencies measured according to EN ISO 16890:2016
  • Eurovent Energy Efficiency Class is calculated from the annual energy consumption
  • Annual Energy Consumption
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