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Heat pumps Eurovent
Certification manual
Certification Manual
Technical Certification Rules


The Eurovent Certified Performance (ECP) programme scope for Heat Pumps (Eurovent-HP) applies to selected models, in selected ranges of heat pumps. 

Each range shall be certified according to one of the following related certification reference documents :

  • Heat pumps certified according to the Certification Reference of the Mark NF-414 :
    • Electrically driven HPs for space heating, including appliances with a cooling function
    • HPs with electric motor for heating swimming pool water, for seasonal and/or annual use, installed either outside or inside a building
    • Electrically driven HPs covering both the above uses,
    • Domestic hot water (DHW) HPs
      • Dual-mode HPs, i.e. designed for space heating and DHW production,
      • HPS used for a collective DHW production application that can operate exclusively in DHW production mode without meeting heating needs,
    • Gas absorption HPs, including appliances with a cooling function,
    • Gas internal combustion engine-driven HPs, including cooling function
    • Gas external combustion engine-driven HPs, including cooling function
  • Liquid Chilling packages and Hydronic Heat Pumps (LCP-HP) certified according to OM-3 LCP-HP: “Operational Manual for the certification of Liquid Chilling Packages and Hydronic Heat Pumps”
  • Air Conditioners (AC) certified according to OM-1 AC: “Operational Manual for the certification of Air Conditioners”
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems (VRF) certified according to OM-15 VRF: “Operational Manual for the certification of Variable Refrigerant Flow systems”
  • Rooftops (RT) certified according to OM-13 RT: “Operational Manual for the certification of Rooftops”The certification programmes from the above list are so called 'related programme'

Cooling-only units, i.e. units declared only in cooling mode, are excluded from the scope.

The complete description of the related programmes are detailed in a specific web page (see below).


A heat pump can be used to heat, cool or produce hot water for buildings. A heat pump takes energy from the environment (air, water or ground), converts it into heat and releases it at a higher temperature into a cold environment. Heat pumps are primarily used to provide heating to a building via an emitter (radiator, underfloor heating or fan convectors).  However, models can also produce domestic hot water (DHW) or heat up a pool. Heat pumps can come in reversible versions, which are used to cool the indoor environment, like an air conditioner.

There are three different types heat pumps depending on the energy source:

  • Aerothermal (Air/Water; Air/Air) - The calories are taken from the Air (outdoor or extracted).
  • Geothermal (Ground/Ground; Ground/Water; Glycol water/Water; Glycol water/Glycol water) - the calories are taken from the Ground. 
  • Aquathermal (Ground water/Water; Circuit water/Recycled air) - the calories are taken from Water (groundwater). 

A heat pump can come as:

  • A single unit (“single-unit”) installed outdoors
  • In two units (“single-split” or “split”) 
  • Multiple units (“multi-split”), in which the condenser is placed inside the medium to be heated.


The testing standards are specified in the reference documents for each category and type of heat pump.


Certified performance items are detailed in related reference documents per category and type of heat pump.

To view the related programmes please visit: 

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