Ventilation ducts with sealing

The ventilation system of a building must both avoid energy costs and ensure good indoor air quality. The sealing of ventilation networks makes it possible to meet these two criteria.

The sealing of ventilation networks is defined by a tightness class: A, B, C and D (the most airtight class).

Certified ducts and accessories constituting the ventilation network have an interlocking with integrated seal. They come in different shapes (circular or rectangular) and different materials (galvanized steel, aluminium, stainless steel or synthetic material).

As the tightness of certified ducts is achieved by a seal, it is not necessary to use sealant or adhesive tape. Installation is therefore easier compared to a network with standard accessories.


  • Time saving during installation compared to a network with standard accessories
  • Sealing guaranteed by interlocking with integrated seal.

Compare to make the right choice

It is very easy to make the right choice: just compare the products. But when product performance is not certified, this becomes impossible.

Certification makes it possible to compare objectively.

  • The product performance is evaluated according to the same criteria, and the results are expressed in the same unit of measurement, regardless of the country where the products are manufactured or marketed.
  • A certified product has its performance verified by an impartial, independent and competent accredited body.
  • Certified products comply with standards.
  • A product whose performance is certified will work according to the specifications stated by the manufacturer.

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