AEEE India welcome ECC ‘s Certification Programs to open the future of cooling to Evaporative Systems

Jul 29, 2021

End of 2019, Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy, AEEE and ECC met in Delhi to share their views following the launch of the unprecedent report India Cooling Action Plan ICAP.

AEEE is committed to achieve India’s energy transition for a climate-resilient and energy secure future. A side of the mandate is to upscale Energy Efficient solutions and strengthen local skills and capacities in line with “Make in India” commitment.

Very few policies around the world focus alternatives to compressor-based technologies. Adapted standards and trustable certification schemes should favor the emergence of sustainable solutions, not only for India. AEEE team dedicated to this topic aggregate the existing publications and practices worldwide to setup the starting point of India strategy.

ECC could contribute to this holistic report, as being the first Certification body to develop a dedicated program, created with experts of Industry from different manufacturers (and countries), and respected independent laboratories, mixing the best from different existing standards (ASHRAE & EN) plus innovations to entrust the performances (cooling capacities, energy and water consumption).

The main concern to enable the needed fast growing from supply side though avoiding a catastrophic wave of misleading products (the usual story) is to setup the right Level Playing Field. This is the purpose of Independent Third-Party Certification to enable the best suppliers to compete, whatever their technology choices, their size or country of origin.

This fundamental aspect is compliant with AEEE objectives to favor sustainable Industrial ecosystems, trustable for both local and export markets, and protect consumers from inefficient products.

Link to AEEE website: Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy I AEEE

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