A fan-convector is a terminal air conditioning unit for cooling or heating air in a room using chilled water or hot water.

Working principle

A fan-convector is composed at least of:

  • one or more fan(s)
  • one or more watertype thermal battery(ies)
  • one or more filter(s)

The fan-convector removes the air from the room, cools it or heats it, filters it and sends it back to the room. It is possible to have a supply of fresh air for some units, but this case is not part of the certified conditions.

The fan-convectors are coupled with a chilled water production unit (cooling) or a heat pump (heating) to supply the water into the thermal batteries at the correct temperature.

Fan-convectors can be installed on the floor, wall or ceiling and can even be ducted to serve multiple locations. The fan motors can either have fixed speeds or variable speeds associated with a specific regulation.


  • Use of water as refrigerant: Water is an ecological and economical natural refrigerant.
  • Flexibility for future reorganisation of space: In case the space is reorganised or subdivided, the fan coil - chiller system is flexible and it is easy to modify the structure of the network locally.
  • Space-saving installation: The installation of the water supply system for fan-convectors occupies little space compared to an air supply network where the diameter of the ducts is greater.

Compare to make the right choice

It is very easy to make the right choice: just compare the products. But when product performance is not certified, this becomes impossible.

Certification makes it possible to compare objectively.

  • The product performance is evaluated according to the same criteria, and the results are expressed in the same unit of measurement, regardless of the country where the products are manufactured or marketed.
  • A certified product has its performance verified by an impartial, independent and competent accredited body.
  • Certified products comply with standards.
  • A product whose performance is certified will work according to the specifications stated by the manufacturer.

The performance we certify

  • Total cooling capacity
  • Sensible cooling capacity
  • Fan power Input
  • Heating capacity [kW]
  • Sound power level [dB]

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