Why certification is key to decarbonisation and net zero

Sep 7, 2023

The clock is ticking when it comes to decarbonisation and net zero. With the 2050 net zero goal in sight, there are steps we can all take when it comes to decarbonising buildings and more succinctly, making sustainable choices when it comes to heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HAVC) and refrigeration systems. With us all having to go greener, the wide selection of products available can either be seen as a help or an hindrance, in the minefield of selecting the right solution. The good news is that help is at hand, in the shape of certified product performance data.

Why do we need independent product performance data?

Manufacturers or distributors (if the product is imported), have to prove conformity with any rules and regulations governing the sale and installation of products in the region. While there is legislation in place to ensure compliance, the conformity tests are generally the responsibility of the manufacturer or distributor of the product, rather than any government body. These tests can be completed in-house, or by an independent third-party such as Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC) or a laboratory. 

Compliance testing is essentially self-governed, which can inadvertently lead to variations in the quality and accuracy of testing, and therefore the results which guide product performance claims. The cynic will also point out the loophole that tests are undertaken by those with a vested interest in achieving the best possible results. So where does that leave the specifier, system designer, installer, buyer, financer or end user when it comes to knowing what claims to trust?

Third-party certification removes the risk of variations between stated and real performance, providing transparent, independently verified product data. Eurovent Certita Certification programmes create a common set of criteria for the rating of products and treats every manufacturer equally, with all units going through exactly the same route and process to certification, wherever in the world they are manufactured. 

Going above and beyond the service provided by in-house teams or third-party laboratories, Eurovent certified products go through a vigorous and impartial certification process, that includes not only the testing of products, but factory audits and software checks too. Another benefit of certification is that the manufacturer and laboratory have no direct contact, keeping the process clear of any bias or interference. Because of the stringent standards of certification, ECC is internationally recognised and globally respected when it comes to providing truly independent testing and data. 

ECC’s range of programmes includes the flagship Eurovent Certified Performance (ECP) mark for energy performance, and also the NF mark, QB mark, Keymark, CE Trade Mark, MCS for Heat Pumps and NEx. ECCs certification programmes cover products designed for indoor air quality, ventilation, thermal comfort and refrigeration.

How does certification help achieve net zero?

The first step to decarbonising buildings is energy efficiency. Not only does it reduce overall energy demand, but it makes decarbonisation and the end goal of net zero much easier. HVAC is at the very centre of decarbonisation because heating and cooling buildings uses an enormous amount of energy. In the European Union for example around 50% of a building’s energy consumption goes on heating and air conditioning. Additionally, HVAC systems have traditionally relied on harmful fossil fuels, or fluorinated gases to operate.

The road to net zero will hit a road block unless there is a sustained take up of energy efficient and low carbon technologies, not just in the new-build sector, but in existing properties also. Products that can prove their energy efficiency and low global warming potential will be in high demand. With all the challenges that decarbonisation brings, it is vital specifiers, designers, installers and buyers choose products that perform as advertised, so that real life savings match those calculated in the design phase. However, given that there can be variations in claimed and real performance, how do you ensure you pick the right product for your project? This is where Eurovent Certified Performance brings real value. This is because: 

  • Certification provides accurate performance data. Results have been scientifically tested, to exacting standards in a totally impartial environment. 
  • Certification guarantees performance. The product will perform as expected because all manufacturer claims have been verified as true.
  • Certification maintains standards. Products are evaluated yearly, so any drop in performance or quality will result in a change to certified data at best, or at worst removal of certification if the product consistently fails Eurovent’s stringent tests.
  • Certification creates transparency and trust. Eurovent certification provides clear, universally understood performance data, with internationally applied quality controls.
  • Certification assures compliance. Certified products comply with Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) regulations and codes. 
  • Certification gives you choice. You can directly compare the energy performance of certified products via our certified product directory, ensuring you make the right choice every time. 
  • Certification provides a level playing field. All products go through the same process regardless of manufacturer size, brand, number of years established or country of origin. 
  • Certification builds customer confidence. From the newcomer to the market leader, Eurovent Certified products are trusted globally.
  • Certification helps to innovate. Feedback from the certification process can be relayed to R&D teams to help improve and innovate new products. 
  • Certification is voluntary. Manufacturers do not have to be certified. It means that those that do are confident in their products’ performance and willing to go the extra mile.

The good news is that certified energy efficient products aren’t just good for the environment and decarbonisation, they are also good for the pocket too. End users should notice a reduction in running costs when replacing older, inefficient systems. 

Why should you choose Eurovent certified products?

It’s no coincidence that 66% of HVAC products sold in Europe are certified by ECC. Not only is Eurovent Certita Certification the world leader in third-party product performance, but we’ve been certifying products since 1994. Our 48 certification programmes cover thousands of products, across five continents, making a truly global impact on the HVAC&R sector.

Eurovent certification enables industry professionals, buyers and end users to make informed decisions about energy efficient, sustainable and low GWP products. Our easy to use online directory allows you to search products by family, type, brand, model name or certificate number. You can also directly compare certified products and download product information, allowing you to make the best choice for your project.

When it comes to decarbonisation, you should not delay. Use our certified product directory today and begin your net zero journey.