Eurovent Middle-East, REHVA & Eurovent Certita Certification India join hand for a successful webinar about Air Filtration and ISO

Jul 30, 2021

In June 9th 2021, following previous Eurovent Certita Certification India webinar about specificities Hygienic of AHU’s Certification, the need for a dedicated session on Air Filtration and new ISO appears during Q&A session. This was a perfect opportunity to setup an holystic event supported by experts from India & Europe, targeting Middle-East, India and South-East Asia.

The succesful attendance and numerous Q&A from the 800+ persons, 60 countries is appealing a second session planned by end of 2021. ECC & Eurovent Middle-East thanks REHVA (Ilinca Nastase), ISHRAE (PK Goel), Chairman of Eurovent Air Filters Product group (Dr Schmidt) for their contributions. Stay tuned.

Documents & records on:

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