Behind the Scenes of NF Certification: How Eurovent Ensures the Quality and Durability of Heat Pumps

Oct 11, 2023

At Eurovent, our commitment to the quality of NF-certified heat pumps (PAC) is unwavering. We are proud to take you behind the scenes of the NF certification process for heat pumps, a rigorous process that guarantees the performance and reliability of these essential devices for heating and air conditioning.

The NF Certification Process

NF certification for Heat Pumps is based on strict standards and rigorous procedures. In this video, we invite you to follow content creator David Juanes aka Dj plumbing to discover how Eurovent ensures the quality of heat pumps.

Laboratory Tests:

One of the pillars of our certification process is the performance of extensive laboratory testing. Dj Plomberie was able to witness these tests at Cetiat, an independent accredited laboratory. These tests include measuring energy performance, seasonal efficiency and many other essential aspects.

Audit of the Production Site:

The other crucial pillar is the audit of the production site. Eurovent carries out in-depth audits of heat pump manufacturers, such as Lemasson, to ensure that quality standards are met at every stage of production.

The Eurovent Quality Guarantee

NF certification by Eurovent is a recognized guarantee of quality in the heat pump sector. By choosing NF certified products, you are opting for reliability, performance and compliance with the highest standards.

Watch the Video

For a complete immersion in the NF certification process for heat pumps with Eurovent, we invite you to watch our video. Click on the link below to find out how Eurovent ensures strict quality standards for NF certified heat pumps.


Eurovent remains at your disposal to answer all your questions about heat pump certification and our NF certified products.

We would like to thank the Lemasson company and the Cetiat Laboratory for this exceptional collaboration.