EVO’s IPMVP prescribes Eurovent Certified Products buildings’ Retrofit

Jul 29, 2021

Risk mitigation is a major concern for Investors in buildings’ Retrofit. The threat of unexpected gap between claimed savings and real results is driving the demand for De-Risking protocols.

Studies and testimonies around the world demonstrate the need for improved project’s quality and demonstration of savings. To unlock Energy Efficiency investments, ESCO’s bring to market sophisticated solutions, frequently backed up by risk mitigation tools from Public players (and the noticeable Super ESCO’s for the most innovative countries).

EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization) celebrates the 25th years of IPMVP (International Protocol for Measurement & Verification of Performances). IPMVP is the most worldwide’ s known Confidence system in the world of building’s retrofit, applied by thousands of Certified professionals to level up Energy Performances Contracts.

From initial contacts early 2018, EVO and Eurovent Certita Certification decided to evaluate the synergies between these protocols, focusing on Investors needs for improved quality and enhanced confidence. Both parties advocate extensive use of reputed, accredited Third Party Certifications of Professionals, Methods, Products & Manufacturing for such projects.

Since October 2019, after in-depth audits of ECC’s organization, EVO’s board recognized Products Certification as a Complementary Protocol for IPMVP creating EVO 50000-1.

ECC’s methods to certify products, after accurate sampling, testing by independent laboratories, along with factory audit and when applicable selection software checking, are part of the EVO’s Confidence protocols.

This combination is a step further to De-Risk Energy Performance Contracts around the world. It’s now up to End-Riskers to rely on such Confidence Systems and enhance their Prescription scheme. Super Esco’s will increasingly play a key role to make it happen.

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