Compliance monitoring

Third-party certification enables compliance monitoring to achieve environmental goals

  • Performance data certified by Eurovent Certita Certification is instrumental for State authorities to enable compliance monitoring. It provides valuable data to document and track market information.
  • Eurovent Certita Certification is an accredited certification body, trusted to deliver a consistently reliable and impartial service which meets the appropriate, internationally recognised standards.

Market surveillance 

Third-Party certification is instrumental to eliminate unsafe products from the market, and ensure a transparent market in term of energy efficiency. 

  • Eurovent Certita Certification contributes to the harmozation of performance assessements and guarantees compliance with Standards.
  • We operate with the commissions responsible for the harmonisation and the integrity of our certification programmes, including authorities, end-user groups, scientific and technical bodies, and manufacturer associations.
  • All laboratories and testing agencies validated by Eurovent Certita Certification are regularly assessed according to ISO 17025. They are located worldwide.
  • Our testing protocols include independent tests, manufacturing audits, selection software checks, product sampling, product purchasing, cross data coherence algorithms per product family, and product dismantling after testing.
  • Eurovent Certita Certification offers guarantees of integrity, independence, impartiality and competence while remaining compliant with European Competition Laws.

Investors and insurers

Third-party certification is committed to guarantee transparency and provide trustworthy services

"Energy efficiency is becoming more important in assessing the value of a building. Real estate managers recognise the importance of sustainable construction and search for well definable parameters to differentiate quality products with proven energy."

  • Trust - Certified performance data provided by Eurovent Certita Certification is a source of reliable information to optimise energy performance, support eco-design and face environmental challenges.
  • Transparency - Due to increasing market competition, projects now require more sophisticated solutions from trustworthy and ethical services. Eurovent Certita Certification provides the knowledge, tools, and strategies to effectively set investment objectives, evaluate and select HVAC-R products, and manage an investment portfolio.
  • Energy efficiency at your fingertip - Eurovent Certita Certification database provides 24/7 access to certified data and product performance reports.