In May 2019, Eurovent Certita Certification took a large step towards its recognition on the UK market concerning EuroHP products certified under NF Heat pumps mark.  Indeed, these products will be able to be included in the MCS website listing and eligible for the benefits of the Renewable Heat Incentive program (RHI).

Thanks to this new agreement, Eurovent Certita Certification can propose to its Euro HP participants the opportunity to list one or several of their certified models within the scope of MCS onto the ‘Products’ list using their EuroHP (NF414) certification.

The Euro HP (NF414) certification brand within the scope of MCS will be included on the MCS list, therefore, no longer will there be a requirement for dual certification labelling in Europe & for the UK market.

This proposal has been approved by both MCS and Eurovent Certita Certification, further details about the application will be share in the coming weeks.