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Variable refrigerant flow systems

Air cooled, reversible

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Model Standard Cooling/Cooling PL Cond A Standard Heating Acoustics Acoustics In Heating Acoustics Indoor SeasonalCooling Cooling PL Cond B Cooling PL Cond C Cooling PL Cond D SeasonalHeating Average Heating PL Cond A Heating PL Cond B Heating PL Cond C Heating PL Cond D T Bivalent SeasonalHeating Colder Tbiv C SeasonalHeating Warmer Heating PL Cond A W Tbiv W Psbc Psbh Poffc Poffh Ptoc Ptoh Pckc Pckh General - Product LRcontmin Cooling LRcontmin Heating
Pc kW Pec kW EER Ph kW Peh kW COP LwO env dB(A) LwO duct dB(A) LwO env in heating dB(A) LwO duct in heating dB(A) LwI1 duct dB(A) LwI1 env dB(A) LwI2 duct dB(A) LwI2 env dB(A) SEER ηsc % Qce kWh/annum Pc PL CondB kW EER PL CondB Pc PL CondC kW EER PL CondC Pc PL CondD kW EER PL CondD Pdesignh kW SCOP ηsh % Qhe kWh/annum Ph PL CondA kW COP PL CondA Ph PL CondB kW COP PL CondB Ph PL CondC kW COPC Ph PL CondD kW COP PL CondD Tbiv °C COP PL CondF Tbiv SCOP C Tbiv C °C COPTbiv C SCOP W PhA W kW COPA W Tbiv W °C Psbc W Psbh W Poffc W Poffh W Ptoc W Ptoh W Pckc W Pckh W Refrigerant Main Power Supply Mounting Cassette Type IU Names IU Range Names Capacity Control CcpLRcontminc LRcontminc CcpLRcontminh LRcontminh Software name Software version Factory city Factory country