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Fan coils

Non-ducted, 2 pipes, cooling and heating


MKG Series

Diploma nb.



GD MIDEA Heating & Ventilating Equipment Co. Ltd



Model General Low Speed Medium Speed High Speed
FCEER FCEER Class FCCOP FCCOP Class Variable Speed Fan Mounting Base Mounting Option Main Power Supply L|M|H Ps Low kW Pc Low kW Pec Low W Dpc Low kPa Ph Low kW Qv Low m³/h Lw Low dB(A) Peh Low W Dph Low kPa Ps Medium kW Pc Med kW Pec Med W Dpc Medium kPa Ph Med kW Peh Med W Dph Medium kPa Qv Med m³/h Lw Med dB(A) Ps High kW Pc High kW Pec High W Dpc High kPa Ph High kW Peh High W Qv High m³/h Dph High kPa Lw High dB(A) Factory country Factory city Software version Software name