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Air conditioners

Air to air, split, reversible (≤ 12 kW)

Model Seasonal Efficiency In Cooling Heating Average Climate Acoustic Standard Cooling/Cooling PL Cond A Cooling PL CondB Cooling PL CondC Cooling PL CondD Standard Heating Heating PL CondA Heating PL CondB Heating PL CondC Heating PL CondD Bivalent Point TOL Runing Test Heating Colder Climate Bivalent Point Colder Climate Heating Warmer Climate Poffc Psbc Ptoc Pck Poffh Psbh Ptoh Pckh LRcontmin Cooling LRcontmin Heating General Eligible CEE
Pdesignc kW SEER Qce kWh/annum SEER Class Pdesignh kW SCOP SCOP Class Qhe kWh/annum LwO env dB(A) LwI1 env dB(A) LwI1 duct dB(A) LwO duct dB(A) Pc kW Pec kW EER Pc @ 30°C kW EER @ 30°C Pc @ 25°C kW EER @ 25°C Pc @ 20°C kW EER @ 20°C Ph kW Peh kW COP Ph @ -7°C kW COP @ -7°C Ph @ +2°C kW COP @ 2°C Ph @ +7°C kW COP @ +7°C Ph @ +12°C kW COP @ +12°C Tbiv °C COP @ Tbiv Ph TBiv kW TOL °C Ph E kW COP E SCOP SCOP Class colder climate Qhe kWh/annum Tbiv c °C Ph @ Tbiv°C c kW COP @ Tbiv c SCOP SCOP Class warmer climate Qhe kWh/annum Poff W Psb W Pto W Pck W Poffh W Psbh W Ptoh W Pckh W LRcontminc CcpLRcontminc LRcontminh CcpLRcontminh Inverter Capacity Control Refr. Line m Mounting Initial Refrigerant Charge kg Eligible CEE Factory country Factory city Software version Software name