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Commercial refrigeration
Certification manual
Certification Manual
Technical Certification Rules


The Eurovent Certified Performance (ECP) programme scope covers Refrigerated Display Cabinets (RDC), intended to be used in retail applications, and classified into the following sub-programmes:

  • Remote Refrigerated Display Cabinets (RRDC) using R744 (CO2).
  • Integral Refrigerated Display Cabinets (IRDC) equipped with air-cooled condensing unit, using natural refrigerants or blends, with GWP lower or equal to 150.

Exclusions from the programme include:

  • Cabinets with wooden parts that affect performance are excluded. 
  • Cabinets operated only with other fluids than R744 (CO2).


Whenever a company participates in the sub programmes for refrigerated display cabinets, all RDC units that are promoted by the applicant/participant to end-users, specifiers, trading companies, or contractors, by means of paper or electronic catalogue, price list or software, within the scope of the sub-programme, shall be certified, in accordance with the Technical Certification Rules. This includes all models in modular ranges.

For the RRDC and IRDC sub-programmes, the certify-all requirement as defined in the Certification Manual, and is applicable only in European markets with trade name choice.


RDCs are used for the preservation of all types of foodstuffs or beverages, usually in supermarket and grocery applications. RDCs are cabinets cooled by a refrigerating system, which enable chilled and frozen foodstuff to be displayed and maintained within prescribed temperature limits. The cabinets can be of different sizes, shapes (horizontal, vertical or combined) and for different applications, including positive cold or frozen. The can also use a variety of lighting systems.

The sub programmes for RDCs are split into five pre-defined categories and basic model groups for both integral refrigerated display cabinets (IRDC) and remote refrigerated display cabinets (RRDC). The five different product types include:

  • Combi-freezer
  • Island
  • Multi decker or semi-vertical open 
  • Semi-vertical or vertical, with doors
  • Service counter.

Integral refrigerated display cabinets
The IRDC sub programmes covers products that integrate a self-contained condensing unit. These products incorporate a refrigeration unit at the bottom of the unit, and are intended for small businesses (groceries, butcher shops, etc.).

The programme includes plug-in RDC air-cooled condensing units, but does not include semi-plug-in RDC, in case of a liquid-cooled condensing unit (e.g., water-loop system).

Remote refrigerated display cabinets
The RRDC sub programme covers refrigerated display cabinets connected to a remote refrigerating unit, i.e. the cold production unit is separated from the cabinet. The exchange between the two parts of the refrigeration system is made via a liquid refrigerant. These units are intended for large retailers.


While exploring our certified products you’ll come across a number of technical terms relating to certification. The below definitions help explain the search criteria in our certified product directory.

Certified product types in the RDC programme have most of the following search criteria in common. 

Brand name of the manufacturer.

Listing of models with some common features.

Model name.

ISO family [R/I+V/H/C+N]
Is the ISO classification the product family sits under. This is determined under Annex A of EN ISO 23953-1:2015, and includes letters and numbers denoting product type and attributes. This includes:
R = Remote condensing unit
I = Incorporated condensing unit
A = Assisted service
S = Self service
H = Horizontal
V = Vertical
Y = Combined
C = Chilled
F = Frozen
M = Multi-temperature.

Is the total display area, measured in m2. It is the total visible foodstuffs/items area, including the visible area through glazing.

ISO T class
Is the ISO classification according to temperature, at test room climate class 3, and includes the following classes: 3H2, 3H1, 3M2, 3M1, 3M0, 3L3, 3L2, 3L1. 

Is the Direct Electrical Energy Consumption (DEC) with 12h lighting, measured in kWh/day. It measures the energy consumption of the electrical components of the cabinet.

Is the Refrigeration Electrical energy Consumption (REC), measured in kWh/day. It measures the energy consumption of the refrigeration components of the cabinet.

Is the length of the cabinet in mm.

Is the type of refrigerant used.

Light (true or false)
True the unit includes a light. False the unit does not include a light.

Lighting type
The type of lighting used.

Fan type
Type of evaporator fans used in the unit.

Front glass height
Is the height of the front glass, including the frame. Measured in mm.

Glass type
Is the type of glazing, which includes single, double or triple.

True the unit includes a glass lid. False the unit does not include a glass lid.

Internal storage
True the unit includes internal storage in the glass door. False the unit does not include internal storage in the glass door.

Display width type
The cross-section width of the internal display area, measured in mm.

Ext width type
Is the cross-section external width of the unit, measured in mm. 

Front height type
Is the cross-section height of the front of the unit, measured in mm.

Frozen or chilled
Type of foodstuff the unit is designed to refrigerate.

Height type
Is the cross-section height of the unit from bottom to top. Measured in mm.

Top width type
Is the cross-section width of the top if the unit. Measured in mm.

Width type
Is the cross-section width of the unit, from back to front. Measured in mm.

Is the Total daily electrical Energy Consumption (TEC), expressed in kWh/day.

Efficiency (lab)
Is the efficiency of the unit under laboratory conditions. Measured in kWh/day/m2.

Energy efficiency Index
The Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) is an index number for the relative energy efficiency of a refrigeration appliance with a direct sales function. It is expressed in percentage (%).

Efficiency reference
Is the reference value for energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency class
This is the energy  efficiency class the product sits within. For Eurovent energy classification, E is the lowest energy class rating while A+ the highest. 

Display width
Is the exact internal display width (=C) in mm.

Ext width
Is the exact external width, or overall width (=B) in mm.

Front height
Is the exact height of the front of the unit in mm.

Is the exact height, bottom to top, or overall height (=A) in mm.

Loading depth
Is the exact loading height or display height (=D) in mm.

Top width
Is the exact top width of ceiling width (=H) in mm.

Is the exact width (back to front) or overall width (=B) in mm.

Is the structure of the unit. Options include traditional open, traditional closed or self-service.

Factory country
Country of manufacture.

Factory city
City of manufacture.

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The following performance items are certified:

  • Warmest product temperature                                   (laboratory conditions
  • Coldest (chilled) product temperature                       (laboratory conditions)
  • Heat extraction (laboratory conditions)                      [kWh/24h]
  • Evaporating temperature                                           (laboratory conditions)
  • Direct Electrical energy Consumption DEC               [kWh/24h]
  • Refrigeration Electrical energy Consumption REC    [kWh/24h]
  • Total Electrical energy Consumption TEC                  [kWh/24h]
  • Total Display Area TDA                                               [m²]
  • Energy Efficiency Index EEI                                       (laboratory conditions)
  • M-package temperature

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💡 Good to know

When using the Advanced Search Criteria function you can search via ISO temperature classification, refrigerant or energy efficiency class.


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