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Thermostatic valves - Keymark
Certification manual
Certification Manual SK
Certification scheme

Scope of the programme

This certification program of the Keymark is applied for thermostatic valves installed on heating units.

The Keymark for Thermostatic Valves certifies compliance with the applicable European standard EN 215, in particular the mechanical strength and the aptitude of products use.


This certification concerns the thermostatic valves with or without pre-setting device which is intended for adaptation on heating units in hot water central heating installations. It is composed of thermostatic head (regulation element) and the valve (mechanical element).

The different types of thermostatic valves are:

  • . Thermostatic valve with integral sensor.
  • Thermostatic valve with integral temperature selector with remote sensor.
  • Thermostatic valve with the remote sensor incorporating the selector.
  • Thermostatic valve with remote sensor and remote selector.

Certified characteristics

  • Mechanical resistance.
  • Flow rate.
  • Water temperature effect
  • Response time.
  • Hysteresis
  • Differential pressure influence.


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