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Heat pumps NF Hybrid
Certification manual
Certification Manual NF
Certification reference standard

Scope of the programme

The products covered by the certification reference standard are hybrid appliances combining a boiler and a heat pump (HP). The maximum certified nominal thermal output of the HP is fixed at 100 kW and the maximum certified effective power output of the liquid/gas fuel-fired generator is fixed at 70 kW.

These appliances are used to power hot water heating systems and produce domestic hot water (DHW). These appliances comprise:

  • a type-C or type-B liquid/gas fuel-fired generator featuring the CE marking
  • a HP with an electrically driven compressor:
    • “outdoor air/water” type, non-reversible
    • “extracted air/water” type, non-reversible
  • a regulator for optimizing the operation of the generator and heat pump
  • a storage tank for the domestic hot water function
  • one or more exchangers
  • a hydraulic circuit switching component
  • accessories such as:
    • a DHW circuit circulation pump
    • the lengths of pipes connecting the various components
    • end connections

In the case of hybrid appliances with separate components, the assembly of such components is deemed to be an inseparable system for determining the certified characteristics/performance.

Certified performance

  • The energy performance:
    • coefficient of performance (COP)
    • heating capacity (Ph)
    • electric input power (Peh)
  • Sound power level (Lw)
  • Share of electrical power for the auxiliaries (Taux)
  • For variable power regulation HPs :
    • minimum load rate in continuous operation (LRcontmin),
    • COP at LRcontmin,
    • performance correction coefficient at LRcontmin (CcpLRcontmin).
  • For DHW:
    • The heating-up time (th)
    • The spare capacity (Pes)
    • The reference hot water temperature (q’WH)
    • The maximum volume of usable hot water (VMAX) or the Volume of mitigated water at 40 °C (V40)
    • The DHW primary energy efficiency (by storage) (PEEDHW-PE)


A range of hybrid appliances is a set exclusively comprising:

  • liquid/gas fuel-fired generators of the same type (C or B), covered by the same CE declaration of conformity issued by the manufacturer
  • HP such as defined in the NF 414 standard
  • a tank such as defined in the NF 414 standard
  • a hydraulic circuit for the DHW function of the same principle and using exchangers of the same technology
  • the same hydraulic or refrigerating circuit switching component technology
  • the same control process.