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Residential ventilation NF
Certification manual
Certification Manual NF
Référentiel de certification

Scope of the programme

The following products can be certified under this program:
  • self-regulating air inlets for inhabited rooms (their essential function is to introduce fresh air into the rooms while providing thermal comfort with respect to draft and acoustic comfort regarding external noise),
  • self-regulating extraction vents, for inhabited rooms (their main function is to extract stale air from damp rooms),
  • self-regulating single-flow ventilation units for individual dwelling (their main function is to extract polluted air from rooms with pollution specific to individual dwelling and to reject it outside)
  • double-flow ventilation units with air-to-air heat exchanger for heat recovery from the return air for individual monobloc or multi-block housing:
  • with a maximum air flow rate of up to 250 m³ / h or between 250 and 1000 m³ / h if the manufacturer declares an exclusive use for residential dwelling
  • with or without flow control integrated in the device (these are high-performance double-flow units with low-consumption motor and high-efficiency exchanger)
- « Self-regulating double flow units »
equipped with individual adjustment devices capable of reducing the flow rates as defined in article 3 of the March 24, 1982 decree modified under the conditions of article 4 of the same decree in October 1983.
- « Modulated double flow units »
Thermodynamic double flow units are excluded from the scope of application as well as flow transfer units and double flow ventilation units with a return air-fresh air heat pump.


Base flow:
Sum of reduced extraction rates from dwelling
Nominal flow:
Extraction rate at nominal fan speed (high speed) 
Peak flow:
Sum of nominal extraction flows from dwelling
Reduced flow:
Minimum flow extracted per outlet (fan operation at low speed)
Aeraulic air intake:
An air intake is characterized by:
  • a connection diameter at least equivalent to the connection diameter of the air intake nozzle of the ventilation unit
  • its protective function against intrusion into the fresh air duct of any element (rain, snow, birds, rodents, etc.)
Flow controler:
Component intended to maintain the air flow at a constant value obtained when the differential pressure between the high and low pressure sides varies within the range of use of the component.
Aeraulic roof outlet:
An aeraulic roof outlet is characterized by:
  • a connection diameter at least equivalent to the connection diameter of the exhaust nozzle of the ventilation unit,
  • a maximum pressure drop (total pressure difference) of 25 Pa for a flow rate of 200 m³ / h,
its function of protection against intrusion into the discharge pipe of any element (rain, snow, volatiles ...).

Certified performance items

The certified characteristics are as follows:
Certified characteristics
Self-regulating air inlets
  • Aeraulic performances (flow module),
  • Acoustic insulation.
Self-regulating extraction vents
  • Aeraulic performances (Flow rate in m3 / h vs a pressure range in Pa),
  • Acoustic insulation for double flowrate extraction vent,
  • Sound power level
Self-regulating, single-flow ventilation units for individual homes
  • Air flow extracted at each outlet
  • Electric power in W-Th-C
  • The sound power level at low speed measured at the kitchen extraction vent
Double flow ventilation units with air-to-air heat exchanger for the recovery of heat from the return air for single-block or multi-block self-adjusting or modulated dwelling
  • Thermal efficiency (heat recovery) at extraction rate related to T4 dwelling (1 bathroom, 1 WC, 1 shower room)
  • Field of use of the group defined by the performance considering a pressure reserve for filters clogging
  • Weighted electrical powers (W-Th-C) associated with the field of use (Clean filter).
  • Inlet sound power level at basic flow rate of the maximum configuration
  • Class of internal and external leakages.
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