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Thermostatic valves – Temporal value

Scope of the programme

This certification attests the performance of the temporal variation value of thermostatic valves.
The temporal variation value is used in particular to calculate the energy consumption (Thermal Regulation RT 2012).
In order to benefit from the certification of the temporal variation value performance, the thermostatic head as well as the valve associated must benefit from a valid Keymark user right.


Thermostatic valve is composed of a valve and a thermostatic head.

Thermostatic valve allows to regulate the flow rate of water passing through according to the ambient temperature measured at the thermostatic head.

Thermostatic valve can be integrated in the radiator or not. In accordance with EN 215 standard, the thermostatic head is composed of a sensitive element and a temperature selector. These elements can be integrated or remoted.

Certified characteristics

  • Temporal variation value.
  • Water temperature effect.
  • Response time.
  • Hysteresis.
  • Differential pressure influence.


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