Paris, April 29, 2019 – Implementation of a device to promote the installation of heat pumps certified NF and Eurovent Certified Performance in France.

The promotion is carried out as a partner of the «MON CHAUFFAGE PRIM 3E» offer developed with TOTAL and PROM UCF (a subsidiary of UMGCCP FFB).

The offer stresses and values the importance of a good seasonal efficiency and low noise levels of heat pumps (certified performances by robust third-party certification body), key product in the policy of energy-costs control.

For the above-mentioned offer, Eurovent Certita Certification has forged a strong partnership with UMGCCP FFB, trade union affiliated to the French Building Federation (FFB), that brings together 14 500 companies in HVAC, Maintenance, Roofing and Plumbing across France. UMGCCP FFB and Eurovent Certita Certification will jointly provide the diffusion, the animation and support of the offer for the concerned installers.

Total Group is simultaneously communicating, financing and deploying this offer partly on a national level.

Summary of the offer :

  • Applies to very modest and modest household facilities according to ANAH criteria ;
  • File compliant with and accepted to ANAH / TOTAL rules and PROM UCF (subsidiary of the UMGCCP FFB), offer « MON CHAUFFAGE PRIM 3E » :
  • The product (heat pump or hybrid heat pump) must have a performance certificate associated with the installation site, certified according to the format available on the site issued at the time of order, complying with the performance thresholds listed below.
  • The performances of the installed heat pump, proven by NF Heat Pumps (NF 414) or Eurovent Certified Performance European HP certificate must comply with:
    • Seasonal energetical efficiency ηs ≥ 121 % for average and hightemperature heat pumps (the regulatory minimum being 111 %),
    • If the heat pump’s compressor is outdoor, then the sound power level Lw_outdoor ≤ 69 dB(A),
    • If the heat pump’s compressor is indoor, then the sound power level Lw_outdoor ≤ 49 dB(A),
    • In case a hybrid heat pump is installed, then it must be certified NF MultiEnergy systems (NF 462);
  • RGE installer: offers free of charge the first two years of maintenance;
  • Eurovent Certita Certification finances the product’s maintenance of another 2 years following the 2 first year (year 3 and 4): unique 4-year maintenance contract offered.


The ECC offer is limited to 200 qualified files per quarter, modifiable, renewable and adjustable for the following quarters.

We confirm that the Eurovent offer developed with UMGCCP and TOTAL concerns without exception all products certified NF or Eurovent that meet the thresholds announced, without any brand discrimination. (Not to be confused with multiple other offers available simultaneously)

We invite you to contact your installers members of UMGCCP / FCB.

A conference call will be organized in the first half of May to answer any question and/or remark of NF and Eurovent HP programs participants, and to allow them to become acquainted with the comprehensiveness of the operation and these possibilities / procedure.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at: