Mr. Anders FREYSCHUSS (Camfil) has been re-elected as the Chairman of ECC Compliance Programme and Policy Commission (CPPC).

During last meeting held on 10 October in Paris, CPPC members have re-elected for a two-year period Mr. Anders FREYSCHUSS (Camfil, Sweden) as the chairman of this group. Mr. FREYSCHUSS has been an active member of CPPC since 2009 and is the chairman of this group since 2011. He is currently the Executive Vice President Sustainability & Standards within Camfil AB in Stockholm, Sweden.

The CPPC is the High Certification Committee of Eurovent Certita Certification and the main tasks of this committee are as follows:

  • Provide development guidance to ECC in line with the needs of the HVAC-R sector
  • Safeguard the impartiality of ECC
  • Approve the reference certification documents of the Eurovent Certified Performance (ECP) programmes
  • Advise ECC in case of dispute and appeals

This committee is composed of four colleges including manufacturers, authorities, end-users and science, standardization and legislation experts.
For further information about CPPC activities, please contact Mr. Sylvain COURTEY