Clay/Ceramic chimney ducts

Clay/ceramic flue blocks with honeycomb walls, insulated or not, allow the evacuation of flue gas from all heating systems.

Insulated clay/ceramic chimney ducts make it possible to comply with the surface temperature recommendations.

Benefits of a clay/ceramic chimney duct

  • Ducts made with natural building material
  • Suitable for all heating systems, especially closed and open fire places
  • Natural resistance to high temperatures, corrosion and sweeping.

Compare to make the right choice

It is very easy to make the right choice: just compare the products. But when product performance is not certified, this becomes impossible.

Certification makes it possible to compare objectively.

  • The product performance is evaluated according to the same criteria, and the results are expressed in the same unit of measurement, regardless of the country where the products are manufactured or marketed.
  • A certified product has its performance verified by an impartial, independent and competent accredited body.
  • Certified products comply with standards.
  • A product whose performance is certified will work according to the specifications stated by the manufacturer.
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