Сертификация Eurovent
Eurovent Certification Mark

The Certification Mark guarantees that the products have been submitted to independant checking and that they have been accurately rated. This mark guarantees specifiers, installers and end users that products marketed by a participant have been accurately rated. Specification sheets, literature and advertising, should display the certification mark and the following statement:

"(Name of Company) participates in the Eurovent Certification Programme for (designation of the relevant family of products); the certified data of certified models are listed in the Eurovent Directory."

Healthy, solid Competition

The importance and reliability of the European Air Conditioning Industry are clearly demonstrated by the existence of voluntary certification schemes established and administrated by Eurovent Certification Company.

Comparison of product performance by third party testing based on well-defined procedures ensures a healthy and solid competition on a market open to all manufacturers.

Certified products and Certification Programmes
The purpose of Eurovent Certification Programmes is to create a common set of criteria for the rating of products. Through specification of certified products, the engineer's tasks become easier, since there is no need to carry out detailed comparison and performance qualification testing. Consultants, specifiers and users can select products with the assurance that the catalogue data are accurate. Eurovent Certification certifies:
  • Air to Air Plate Heat Exchangers (AAHE)
  • Air to Air Rotary Heat Exchangers (AARE)
  • Comfort Air Conditioners rated below 12 kW cooling capacity (AC1)
  • Comfort Air Conditioners rated from 12 kW to 45 kW cooling capacity (AC2)
  • Comfort Air Conditioners rated from 45 kW to 100 kW cooling capacity (AC3)
  • Air Handling Units (AHU)
  • Chilled Beams (CB)
  • Close Control Air Conditioners (CC)
  • Fan Coil Units (FC)
  • Ducted Fan Coil Units (FCP)
  • Fine Air Filters Class F5-F9 (FIL)
  • Air Coolers for Refrigeration (HECOOL)
  • Air Cooled Refrigerant Condensers (HECOND)
  • Dry Coolers (HEDCOOL)
  • Heating and Cooling Coils (HECOILS)
  • Liquid Chilling Packages (LCP)
  • Refrigerated Display Cabinets (RDC)

Programme descriptions
List of certified products
Certification Procedures
When a manufacturer participates in a certification programme, he has to present its list of models or model ranges together with their performance data. The files are evaluated by Eurovent Certification and a predefined number of units are selected for testing by independent laboratories.

If results comply with the relevant standards, models or ranges are listed in the Eurovent Certification online Directory. Models are subject to regular random testing to verify compliance with catalogue data.

Independent laboratories
Detailed procedures
Access to the Directory
“Certify-All” brings clarity and transparency and therefore increases the value of the whole system.

The scope of each certification programme must be clearly defined. All products of the relevant certification programme, manufactured or sold by a participant under the defined scope, must be certified. When applicable, the “certify-all” procedure means at least “all products under the defined scope presented on the European market”, but larger applications may be implemented.

Only products that may be tested in an independent laboratory shall be included into the scope of a programme. For some products the selection software is certified and the smallest size of the range must be such that the testing in an independent laboratory be possible.