Recent changes in the certification programme for Air-to-Air Regenerative Heat Exchangers (AARE)

Paris, 30th June 2016 – With more than 10 years of expertise gained in Air-to-Air Regenerative Heat Exchangers certification, Eurovent Certita Certification constantly tries to improve the value of the programme, answering the needs of a growing and demanding market.

Every year, certified Air-to-Air Regenerative Heat Exchangers are selected and tested in an independent laboratory, providing trustworthy test results. These tests are then checked against the selection tools in order to ensure the reliability of provided data.

In 2014, Eurovent Certita Certification decided to change the way the results are checked, and aligned the method with the EN308:1997:

  • Prior to 2014, the exhaust air inlet (11) and the supply air inlet (21) airflows were used as inputs in the selection tools.

  • Since 2014, the exhaust air inlet (11) and supply air outlet (22) airflows have been used as inputs in the selection tools.

As the airflow on the supply air outlet (22) is usually lower than the airflow on the supply air inlet (21), due to the Outdoor Air Correction Factor[1] (OACF), the air velocity across the exchanger is lower: the calculation thus gives a better efficiency. Therefore it is more likely that the efficiency will be out of the certification tolerances (defined in Rating Standard RS 8/C/002-2016).

These changes have impacted the certified performances. In particular, the certified efficiencies (both temperature and humidity) have globally decreased when the products have remained identical.

By using this method, Eurovent Certita Certification is closer to the customers’ expectations, whose requirements are on the airflows coming from and to the building, and in line with the EN308:1997, as the performances are checked with balanced airflows (the tests are conducted in order to keep exhaust air inlet (11) and the supply air outlet (22) airflows balanced).

Creation of an ECP certification on Beverage Coolers, join in the Launching Commttee!
Eurovent Certita Certification is glad to inform you that a new certification programme dedicated to Beverage Coolers (BC) is planned to be launched under the Eurovent Certified Performance brand (ECP).
Every manufacturer of Beverage Coolers is welcomed to join in the Launching Committee. This Committee composed of manufacturers and stakeholders of the sector will define together the certification rules and requierments, that will enable a correct and comparable rating of these products on the European market.

The call for participation to the launching committee is now opened, first meeting will take place during the Eurovent Summit in Sevilla on September 28th! If interested to join, please contact Arnaud Miraton before September 13th: a.miraton@eurovent-certification.com
EN 14511:2013 and EN 14825:2013 harmonized standards for 206/2012 for Air Conditioners
April 2014

At official journal dated 11 April 2014, the standards EN 14511:2013 et EN 14825:2013 have been recognized as harmonized standards for comfort air conditioners in directive 206/2012. Transitional method becomes obsolete.
Link to DG Entreprise website
First certified data for Variable Refrigerant Flow systems

April 2014

One first manufacturer succeeded in completing its qualification campaign. Data are available on the list of certified producs.

Other manufacturers interested in certification of performance of VRF can contact us at apply@eurovent-certification.com

New Programme - Residential Air Handling Units (RAHU)

April 2014

After nearly 3 years of preparation by the Eurovent Launching Committee for Residential Air Handling units (RAHU), the Operational Manual and Rating Standards for RAHU have been finalized by the end of 2013.
The scope of the programme includes all residential supply and exhaust ventilation units equipped with heat recovery systems including air-to-air heat-pumps. The certification programme is be based on random testing of units according to the European standard EN 13141:2011. All tests will be performed by independent testing laboratories.
The following performances will be certified:
o Leakage class
o Airflow/pressure curves
o Specific Power Input
o Heat recovery efficiency
o Sound power levels
o Specific Energy Consumption (SEC)
o Energy efficiency class
o Performances at cold climate conditions

The following schedule is being foreseen:
o Signing of agreement by manufacturers for RAHU programme (contact apply@eurovent-certification.com). There is no deadline as this is a voluntary registration.
o November 2014: Publication of certified data on Eurovent Certification website by 30 November 2014 for all manufacturers signing the agreement before 31 May 2014.

Eurovent Certita moves offices

March 2014

Following the recent merger of Eurovent Certification and Certita time has come to bring our teams together in a single site. We will be moving to our new premises in Paris on 10 March 2014. Our new contacts:

48-50 rue de la Victoire, 75009 Paris - FRANCE
Tel: + 33 1 75 44 71 71

Conference Cle@

December 2013

Within the CLEA association, EDIBATEC in collaboration with PROMODUL and EUROVENT CERTITA CERTIFICATION, organizes a conference on the theme :

This conference will take place on
Dec. 12th, 2013 - 14 to 17 pm
Fédération Française du Bâtiment, rue La Pérouse 75016 Paris.

Through technical presentations of different software publishers using the database, this conference will allow you to understand product deta necessary to achieve a RT2012 calculation. The number of attendees being limited, we thank you to advise about your visit by email : contact@catalogue-clea.fr

July 2013

Certita and Eurovent Certification Company, leading product certification companies in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R), have successfully completed the merger of their certification activities within a new corporation named Eurovent Certita Certification.
Variable Refrigerant Systems programme - Update
February 2013

We are pleased to confirm compliant registration of manufacturers at the date of 31 January 2013 for the new VRF programme. Certification process steps along with product test(s) required to comply with certification protocol will generate certified performance data for VRF between end of June and end of September 2013. Certified performance for VRF will be available on Eurovent Certification's web site by the end of September 2013.
New Programme - Variable Refrigerant Systems (VRF)
January 2013

After nearly 2 years, the Launching Committee - 8 manufacturing companies - has finished its task and drew up the Operational Manual and Rating Standards for Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems.

Companies willing to join the VRF certification programme are invited to contact us at apply@eurovent-certification.com to receive the necessary package information.

Press Release - A new certification programme for VRF Systems ( pdf - 119 Ko)
Description of the programme
Regulations on minimum efficiency and energy efficiency labelling of air conditioners below 12kW
January 2013

The regulation Regulation 206/2012: Ecodesign requirements for air conditioners and comfort fans was voted in May 2011 and published on 10 March 2012 in the Official Journal. Together with the Commission Delegated Regulation 626/2011 of 4 May 2011 regarding energy labelling of air conditioners, both regulations apply from 1 January 2013.

Ecodesign Air Conditioners below 12 kW (and confort fans)
Labelling for Air Conditioners below 12kW
New Programme - Close Control / Precision Cooling - Invitation to Launch Meeting
October 2012

This certification programme applies to factory-made units intended for Close Control Air Conditioning, including units with cooling capacities up to 100 kW under the specified test conditions. Participating companies must certify all production models within the scope of the programme.

The Launch Meeting to be held on 19 October 2012 from 14:00 to 16:00 at Hilton Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, will cover the introduction of the certification programme and the conditions for potential applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions - Close Controls ( pdf - 202 Ko)
EN 45011 and ISO/IEC Guide 65 become ISO 17065
September 2012

ISO/IEC 17065:2012
"Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services" becomes the new standard applicable to certification bodies like Eurovent Certification Company. A transitional process will be planned with the accreditation body (COFRAC in France) for the continuity of the accreditation to be ensured.
A New European standard for air filters EN 779:2012
March 2012

The new European standard for air filters is now ratified, official publication being foreseen for the end of this year. The main changes are the introduction of medium filter classes (M5 and M6 replacing F5 and F6) and the addition of new requirements on minimum filtration efficiency (ME) for fine air filters (F7, F8 and F9). These new requirements which include testing of the discharge efficiency will allow to better assess the efficiency of air filters during their entire lifetime. Eurovent certified data are still based on the classification defined in EN 779:2002, however discharge efficiencies are certified and published in ECC certification database since February 2012. Once EN 779:2012 is published, we will review our certification protocols and new standards will be applied in 2013.

Chillers: Application of the new version of EN 14511
March 2012

The new version of EN 14511 was ratified on the 19 July 2011, including a different method to take into account the contribution of water pumps in the unit performances. The efficiency of the pump is no longer a default value but a function of the required hydraulic power. As this method is more realistic, the participants to the chiller programme decided to fully apply this new version starting from the 2012 certification campaign. The new performances declared based on the new version of the Standard were published on the ECC website end of March 2012.

Note: A reminder of EER and COP values without pump correction (measured while the pump is not running for units with integral pump) and the corresponding Energy classes are available on ECC website for units that were declared before 2012.

Workshop at REHVA annual conference in Timisoara, Romania

19-20 April 2012

Eurovent certification gave a workshop at Timisara, Romania, where fruitful discussions could be held about the interest of certification and the link with building regulations.
Energy efficiency of certified products - summary ( pdf - 30 Ko)
First European programme for Cooling Tower Thermal Performance Certification
February 2012

The scope of the programme includes standardized model lines for open circuit cooling towers, typically factory assembled Standardized model lines are composed of individual models that are required to have published thermal rating capacities at corresponding input fan power levels.

Thermal performance certification via this programme offers a tower buyer assurance that the capacity published for the product has been confirmed by the initial and on-going performance testing per the requirements of the programme using CTI STD-201.  It also offers for regulators of energy consumption related to cooling towers, that the capacity of the towers has been validated. Minimum energy efficiency standards such as ASHRAE 90.1, which requires cooling tower energy efficiency validation by the CTI certification process, are used by governments and by green building certification programmes such as LEEDTM.

The Eurovent Certification Company (ECC, Brussels, Belgium) is pleased to announce the Certification programme for cooling tower thermal performance developed in cooperation with the Cooling Technology Institute Est.1950 (CTI, Houston, Texas, USA). In the near future closed circuit cooling towers will also be included (Kick-off meeting during 2012).

ECC wish to sollicit interest from European and other cooling tower manufacturers to join this programme : please contact apply@eurovent-certification.com
Certification Manual edition 8
December 2011

Eurovent Certification has published latest version of Certification Manual. Main modifications deal with softwares, factories and use of the ECC mark and energy efficiency label.

Please send me latest edition of Certification Manual
I have comments about CM8
I would like to apply for the certification of HVAC products
My products are certified and I need an updated diploma
My products are certified and I need ECC mark
My products are certified and I need ECC energy efficiency label
New organigramme within ECC
September 2011

The technical department has enlarged its team. Ms Nicaise joins again ECC as Coordinator. She will be the main contact between ECC and the laboratories.
Our contacts
New offices
July 2011
Eurovent Certification Company moved its offices. You will find us at: 53 rue de Turbigo 75003 Paris
Our telephone numbers remain unchanged.
How to reach ECC offices ( pdf - 201 Ko)
New energy label for refrigerated display cabinets
February 2011

Taking advantage of the Euroshop fair in Düsseldorf, ECC presented the new energy label of refrigerated display cabinets, allowing better comparison of products.
A well known HVAC magazine in Germany reported the event in the February 2011 issue. By courtesy of KKA Kaelete Klima Aktuell(c).

Link to the KKA article (German) ( pdf - 931 Ko)
Design of the mark changes in 2011
January 2011
Here is the "Eurovent Certification Mark", designed to increase the visibility of the Eurovent Certification brand. If your products are certified, you are allowed to use it according to the rules described in Certification Manual ed7. For further assistance, please contact the communication department.
Restricted link to the mark and labels
New certification programme starting for Cooling Towers in cooperation with CTI
December 2010
The European certification programme for Cooling Towers will start its activities, managed by ECC in cooperation with CTI. We would like to invite manufacturers to join the first meeting taking place on 16 February 2011 in Paris.

More info to the new CTI / Eurovent certification cooling towers programme ( pdf - 30 Ko)
Certiflash now available on App Store

The application that facilitates the online access to third party certified data for 50 000 HVAC products is now available on App Store at a price of 1.59€


Link to the Certiflash Application on iTunes
Link to the Certiflash website
Air-conditioning, air handling and refrigeration equipment : European certification, standards and directives on energy efficiency

July 2010

ECC's paper on energy efficiency labelling has just been issued in the REHVA magazine. The paper details the various European regulations for air conditioners, heat exchangers, chillers, fan coils units and refrigerated display cabinets. It describes also the ECC pushing forward labelling policy.

Read the full article ( pdf - 2189 Ko)
French RT 2012 Regulation just released
French RT 2012 regulation has settled new rules regarding office and residential buildings' energy consumption with no more than 50kWh/m²/year allowed for a new construction. Official texts and calculation schemes will be published in November 2010.
Link to the full article on the RT 2012 regulation ( pdf - 274 Ko)
Workshop Certification at Clima 2010

May 2010

During REHVA Clima 2010 conference, Eurovent Certification will present its activities to the consultants in a dedicated workshop. It will take place on Tuesday 11 May, 9h00-10h30, room 12. The full paper presented for the conference was also accepted for oral presentation.

Technical programme of the conference
End of the first testing campaign for Drift Eliminators
December 2009

The first testing campaign for Drift Eliminator was completed in December 2009. Tests were carried out by McHale independent test agency in Hamon's facilities in Brussels. Certified reference will be available on the ECC website in March 2010 after the full analysis are finished.

I would like to apply for the certification of Drift Eliminators
New database system

November 2009

Eurovent Certification has started devopping its new database system: more flexible, more user-friendly, it willl accelerate the whole process of certification.

Heat pumps in Eurovent Certification Programme
October 2009

The ECC certification programme for Liquid Chilling Packages includes now Hydronic Heat Pumps!

I want my Heat Pumps to be certified
FILTECH 2009, October 13-15, Wiesbaden - Germany: Conference & Exhibition for Filtration and Separation Technology
October 2009

Mr Ivo Bodenstaff from AAF Europe will speak on behalf of all participants of the Eurovent Certification programme for Air Filters. He will present the principles, the purpose and the advantages of the programme.
Tuesday 13 October 2009 (15:00-16:15); Session AIR FILTER; Conference room on ground level.

On this occasion, ECC will have a stand in the exhibition: Meet us at stand G11, Hall 3.

Eurovent Certification programme for Air Filters - English Brochure ( pdf - 593 Ko)
Eurovent Certification programme for Air Filters - German Brochure ( pdf - 536 Ko)
Benefits and valorisation of certification
September 2009

Eurovent Certification participated on 17 September 2009 in Paris to the event organised by the FIEEC (Federation des Industries Electriques, Electroniques et de Communication) to debate about benefits and valorisation of certification. With the recent evolution of the performance constraints from the product to the system and then the building, it will be important in the future in our field to certify components, but also controls.

Presentation of ECC by Ms Marinhas (French) ( pdf - 101 Ko)
For more information about Fieec
Latest draft of prEN 14825 and EuP DG TREN Lot 1
August 2009

A new draft of prEN 14825 about part load testing is available. It has been modified to be in line with the EuP directive, DG TREN, Lot 1. Questions which didn't reach unanimity regard the sizing of the building (XS, S..., 4XL), and the temperature levels (High, Medium, Low).

Air-to-water and water-to-water equipment: heating only units
August 2009

ECC is currently investigating with the manufacturers about the opportunity to extend the programme for Chillers to Heating only units. Indeed, the market for Heat Pumps is growing throughout Europe and it would allow Manufacturers certifying some ranges of equipment which are not yet covered by Eurovent Certification.

Ask for more information
New Lot for Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

July 2009

A recent call for tender from the European Commission, ENTR/2009/035 includes as lot 6: Air-conditioning and ventilation systems. The scope itself is to be defined within the preparatory study under task 1 "definition" (out of the 8 tasks to be accomplished).

New Labelling for AHU - Now Available!
July 2009

The European Commission proposal for the new format for the Energy Label met with very mixed response from the European Parliament and delayed the preparation of the Eurovent Certification Label for Air Handling Units. After many modifications, it is now available and Manufacturers with certified AHU's can now use it in their spreadsheets and on their units.

For more information... ( pdf - 1292 Ko)
New ECC Managing Director
June 2009

Jacques Benoist has retired. During the last Eurovent General Assembly Erick Melquiond was appointed as Managing Director of the Eurovent Certification Company (ECC).

Ecofreezer.org for Chillers
May 2009

BIO IS has been commissioned to conduct the preparatory study Commercial refrigerating and freezing equipment (ENTR Lot 1). We recommend to our Participants to the Chiller Programme with direct interest to register as stakeholder on the project website.

Minimum requirements for Chillers in Australia
May 2009

You will find the forthcoming MEPS requirements from 1 July 2009 for Chillers exported to Australia following the link below. It is to be noted that Eurovent and Ahri Certification programmes are recognised by Australian authorities insofar as test reports are not required for Chillers covered by at least one of these certification schemes.

New certification programme in preparation: Drift Eliminators
April 2009

The certification programme for Drift Eliminators is ready to be launched. Products will be listed on the website after the first test campaign is completed.

I would like to apply for the certification of Drift Eliminators
Customer survey
April 2009

A customer survey was conducted end of March 2009 to evaluate the service provided by the Eurovent Certification staff. The main results will be presented on the website by the end of May 2009.
The programme for Display Cabinets online soon
April 2009

The lists of certified Refrigerated Display Cabinets are not currently online. The programme evolves to enlarge the number of controlled models and to propose to the end-user a smart search engine with pictures with dimensional information and performances under store conditions. The lists should be available during Autumn 2009.
Restricted access for Participants
April 2009

Participants will now be able to download certification documents directly on the website.
If your products are certified, before end of week 15, you will have received a login and a password for the Restricted access area.
New design of the Eurovent Certification website
April 2009

As you can see, the design of the website has evolved. The readability of the website was improved (larger fonts, more illustrations). The products are now accessible by participant name, trade name or programmes. The main new feature is the possibility to select specific products with a dedicated search engine.
Market Intelligence Website
March 2009

The website dedicated to Market Intelligence is now available.

Eurovent Market Intelligence is the European statistics and market research service providing to the manufacturers of air handling, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Eurovent, as the only representative on the European market, has started developing the statistics programs within working groups since 1994. In 2007, the activity Market Intelligence has been officially established by the Eurovent Certfication Compnay in order to accompanying manufacturers through comprehensive analyses based on data provided by the industry.

For further information: https://www.eurovent-marketintelligence.eu/
New labelling for AHU
February 2009

A new label is is preparation for Air Handling Units.
More details in April 2009.
Scope of Rooftops extended to water cooled units
February 2009

The scope of the programme for Rooftops has been extended to water-cooled units.
New Certification Programme
June 2008

Until now, Rooftops were included in the programme for Air Conditioners. On 1 June 2008, a new certfication programme has been launched dedicated to this specific product. Currently focused on air-cooled units, it will be extended to water-cooled systems. Five Participants are currently in, and we expect the programme to developp very well.

For further information, please refer to the description of Programme.

Description of the programme for Rooftops
New Certification Programme
January 2008

Certification programme for Active and Passive Chilled Beams "Chilled Beams" is now available online.

For further information, please refer to the description of Programme.

Description of the programme for Chilled Beams
New certification programmes in preparation
November 2008

Eurovent Certification currently prepares new programmes dedicated to Chilled Beams, Rooftops, Drift Eliminators and Cooling Towers.

Market Intelligence
Eurovent Market Intelligence

The project was launched to enable manufacturers to have a better knowledge of the HVAC market and associated industries through comprehensive analyses based only on reliable data provided by all concerned players.

Eurovent/Cecomaf becomes Eurovent

Eurovent/Cecomaf is now called Eurovent. The logo and the website address have changed.