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Eurovent Certification is a step forward in the selection of products and their characteristics

For the end-user, the chosen product works in conformity with the specified dimensionning. The life cycle cost is in accordance with the predictions. Material matches with your investments.

For the manufacturer, Eurovent Certification is the common platform where competiton can take place on comparable basis of performances, for the benefit of specifiers and end-users.

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Efficient and environmental-friendly products?
ECC helps you in making the right choice, providing you its expertise in quality and performance.
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Listening to your customer can be so easy...
With ECC, add value by targeting products which will guarantee confidence and satisfaction of your customers.
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ECC is proud of being associated to the performance of your products
It is a guarantee of a well-known brand and an upgraded image.
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Eurovent Certita Certification, 48-50 rue de la victoire - 75009 PARIS - FRANCE Tél. : +33 (0)1 7544 7171
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NEW ONLINE SERVICE - Download Product Performance Reports
With detailed performance values such as the COP (Coefficient Of Performance) or the Sound Power Level.