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1.1 Rotary Heat Exchanger:

A Rotary Heat Exchanger is a device incorporating a rotating cylinder or wheel for the purpose of transferring energy (sensible or total) from one air stream to the other. It incorporates heat transfer material, a drive mechanism, a casing or frame, and includes any seals which are provided to retard the bypassing and leakage of air from one air stream to the other.

1.2 Product Range

The Certification Programme applies to the Rotary Heat Exchanger classes “Condensation Rotor/non hygroscopic rotor”, “Enthalpy Rotor/hygroscopic rotor” and “Sorption Rotor”.
Testing requirements

The following standards are used to test the rotors : Eurovent 8/C/002–2004: Rating standard for the certification of rotary heat exchangers. EN 308 (June 1997): Heat exchangers – Test procedures for establishing performance of air to air and flue gases heat recovery devices. ARI Standard 1060-2001: Rating Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers for Energy Recovery Ventilation Equipment.
Certified characteristics

The certified characteristics are :

a. Sensible efficiency
b. Latent efficiency
c. Pressure drop
Published data

Published data correspond to following conditions :

1.1 Rotor diameters are real outside diameters

1.2 Air velocities are calculated according to the free face area of the rotor without seals and without hub and according to a density of 1,2 kg/m3

1.3 The nominal air flow is calculated according to the above defined velocity and a density of 1,2 kg/m³

1.4 Pressure drop is according to a density of 1,2 kg/m³
Reference documents


RS 8/C/002-2018