I want my products to be certified...
First step is to contact our marketing department. You will receive the documents about how to apply for certification.

Contact for manufacturer application
How to become a test laboratory for Eurovent Certification?
Eurovent Certification requests accreditation of the test cells according to ISO 17025 standard. Selection criteria are the testing capacity and dimensions but also the experience of the personnel.

Contact for laboratory application
How to know if a product is certified?
A product is certified when shown in the Eurovent Certification website. Manufacturers can apply the Eurovent Certification logo on the nameplate of certified units and on their documentation, but have to make sure non-certified products are clearly identified. If unclear, Eurovent Certification website shall be the reference.
How long is the Eurovent Certification valid ?
Eurovent Certification is granted each year for one year, following repetition tests. Should a manufacturer fail to meet the certification requirements, the certification is suspended immediately, and the products withdrawn from the Eurovent website.
What happens when a product fails to meet test requirements?
If a product fails to meet test requirements, the participant will be required to adjust the performances not only for the specific product but also all similar products, or to withdraw the relevant products from the market.
Can Eurovent data be contested?
Participants may challenge certified ratings of competitors' products and request a verification test.
Can units running with "HCFC" be certified when sold outside of Europe?
Rules are defined for units sold in Europe. Only those that can be certified in Europe can use the Eurovent certification outside of Europe.
The Eurovent CertificationMark or Energy Efficiency label in the right format
My products are certified and I need a mark or an energy efficiency label with a high resolution for my documentation.
Lien ECC Mark or Energy Efficiency Label
Request for the Eurovent Certification Mark or Energy Efficiency Label
My products are certified and I need my certificate
Certificates are going to be available online. Until then, you can contact us.

Request for certificate
I have lost my login and password to ECC website

Request by mail for ECC identification and password (please indicate programme)