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Scope of the programme

The Eurovent Drift Eliminators Certification Programme applies to specific references of Drift Eliminators used for evaporative water-cooling equipment.


Drift Eliminator: Inertial water droplet stripping devices used to reduce the amount of circulating water that can be entrained in the unit airflow and leave the equipment.

Evaporative cooling equipment: Any equipment that uses water distribution and generates aerosols for the purpose of heat transfer.

Drift Rate: Proportion of the drift volumetric flow rate to the circulating water flow rate entrained in the airflow and exiting at the discharge of the eliminator, expressed as a percentage.

Break-through air velocity: Air velocity for which drift losses become visible at any point of the drift eliminator, expressed in m/s.

Testing requirements

All standard ratings shall be verified by isokinetic tests conducted in accordance with the Cooling Technology Institute test code ATC-140. Measurements shall be 1.5 m downstream in the airflow leaving the eliminators.
Certified characteristics

  • The certified drift eliminator has produced a drift rate less than or equal to 0.01% when tested according to the relevant Eurovent Rating Standard.
  • The value over time of this certification is subject to proper installation and maintenance of the drift eliminator and to the respect of adequate manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Breakthrouugh velocity is given for information only.
General Reference documents

Certification Manual 14th (December 2017)
Reference documents


RS 9/C/003-2014