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- If you want to apply for certification, please use apply@eurovent-certification.com
- If you want to correct your own data, please write to the technician in charge of your list.

Data are updated on a regular basis at least every month. If you have tried by all means to find a product and you still have special enquiries you can contact us at apply@eurovent-certification.com. Please note that we don't issue yet specific certificates dedicated to one particular product: if you see the product on our website, it means that the performance of the product are certified. In case you don't, please contact the Participant directly.

Programme list :
Luft/Luft Plattenwärmetauscher (AAHE)
Luft/Luft Rotationswärmetauscher (AARE)
Close control air conditioners (CC)
Komfort-Klimageräte (AC)
Raumlufttechnische Zentralgeräte (AHU)
Hygienic Air Handling Units (HAHU)
Kühlbalken (CB)
Lamelle-W (COIL)
Kühltürme (CT)
Tropfenabscheider (DE)
Ventilator-Konvektoren (FCU)
Air Filters (FIL)
Heat Exchangers for Refrigeration (HE)
Wärmerückgewinnungsysteme mit Wärmeträgermedium (HRS-COIL)
European HP (Euro-HP)
Kaltwassersätze (LCP-HP)
Rooftop (RT)
Residential Air Handling Units (RAHU)
Kühlmöbel (RDC)
Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)
Ventilation ducts (DUCT)
Air Cleaners (ACL)
Residential air filters (RFIL)
Ventilatoren (FANS)
IT Cooling Units (ITCU)
Evaporative Cooling (EC)

Plattenwärmetauscher liquid-liquid