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- If you want to apply for certification, please use apply@eurovent-certification.com
- If you want to correct your own data, please write to the technician in charge of your list.

Data are updated on a regular basis at least every month. If you have tried by all means to find a product and you still have special enquiries you can contact us at technical@eurovent-certification.com. Please note that we don't issue yet specific certificates dedicated to one particular product: if you see the product on our website, it means that the performance of the product are certified. In case you don't, please contact the Participant directly.

Programme list :
Luft/Luft Plattenwärmetauscher (AAHE)
Luft/Luft Rotationswärmetauscher (AARE)
Close control air conditioners (CC)
Komfort-Klimageräte (AC)
Raumlufttechnische Zentralgeräte (AHU)
Hygienic Air Handling Units (HAHU)
Kühlbalken (CB)
Lamelle-W (COIL)
Kühltürme (CT)
Tropfenabscheider (DE)
Ventilator-Konvektoren (FCU)
Air Filters class M5-F9 (FIL)
Heat Exchangers for Refrigeration (HE)
Wärmerückgewinnungsysteme mit Wärmeträgermedium (HRS-COIL)
European HP (Euro-HP)
Kaltwassersätze (LCP-HP)
Rooftops (RT)
Residential Air Handling Units (RAHU)
Kühlmöbel (RDC)
Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)
Ventilation ducts (DUCT)
Air Cleaners (ACL)
Residential air filters (RFIL)
Ventilatoren (FANS)
IT Cooling Units (ITCU)